Songket Safaa is a collective experience of 65 Years including Manegment , Textile Fabrics , Marketing and sales making a best cocktail in town. [21years (Rehan Fabrics) + 16Years (AliManegment) + 18 Years (Adeel) + 10Years (Firdaus). The base line of it is 100% bumiputra salt so understanding of market and product which is actually nothing but tradition remain super clear.At songket Safaa we are commited to keep tradition alive so all products are weaved , we strongly appose and show zero tollrance any kind of printing for any part of our product line in full or partial.We are haviliy yet positively burdened with responsibility of keeping the tradition alive. we understand that audiance of songket is very special and from flower to color , from size to design and even from order processing to feedback all we do is make it super personalized. Our dedicated desig team select nothing but trendy clors , infact if we say that we creat the trend for festives it wont be wrong. we are manufecturer of songket so we have teh ability to even introduce new clor with customised and traditional flowers , even flowers can be done in gold , silver or multi color. we have all togather 4 production active units working almost day and night to fulfill the craving of songket lovers. our catalog (clickable link) can be viewed for ready referance and you may order the other colors also by just advising pantone code or mentioning color name / code. custmizing of flower is our speciality and we really can do wonders in that. After Color selection next big thing is Design of Dress., we have a wide selction of traditional patren with lead 13 categories(Click able link) for women, we do have Kurta and Baju Melayu for men(clickable link) our designer who are highly educated and professional have come up with most suiteable sizez (Size chart is in each category - Readymade) according to bdy size of local market we have done some minor amendment in ineternational sizez so our ready made is perfect fit to your body and will make you look awsome. SongketSafaa runs 2 stitching units at metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur with 24hrs working capacity and following international standards having capacity to produce 2000 dress per weak in each unit. if you are planning to order for your butik give us everything and focus on sales only :). Best part is after dress geting done you have multiple options to buy , Our online e-com store , market places (Shopee , Lazada, Our dedicated personalized smart text enabled hotline and above all our state of the art butik is 100% there to serve your needs, we assure you that once you visit us there you will go back with alot of selfies. Customer Feedback is super important to us , we have the forms available.